Community Ministries

Lutheran World Relief

Lutheran World Relief works with partners in 35 countries to help people grow food, improve health, strengthen communities, end conflict, build livelihoods and recover from disaster. LWR seeks lasting solutions to poverty and injustice and in doing so, compels U.S. Lutherans to put their faith into action.

Every day in 35 countries, Lutheran World Relief works to combat the causes of poverty and the dignity it robs from people’s lives. They advocate for fair trade that helps farming families earn a better income. They teach people to better care for themselves, their communities and the environment. They teach people how to be less vulnerable to natural disasters. They advocate with and for them for policy change that more fairly represents them. They counsel them after manmade and natural disasters, and help them recover with material aid. They do all of this exclusively with partners from the communities they serve.

By partnering with Lutheran World Relief, we are able to help people help themselves… for a day when they won’t need us at all.

For more information, see the LWR web site.