Community Giving

  • Your Spending Dollars Supporting Covenant Ministries

    Covenant is regsitered with the following companies to receive donations. Covenant members and visitors sign up to have these companies send Covenant donations based on purchases made. All money comes from the companies, not individuals. Click on any item below for more information.

  • Your Dining Dollars Create Support for Covenant

    When you eat out at Clay's restaurant, just save your receipt and drop it in the white church at the Welcome Desk  at Covenant. Our office manager Sue Tabbert turns in all the collected receipts periodically, and Clay's Restaurant donates a percentage of the total to our congregation - easy and delicious. Clicking on the picture or title above will take you to Clay's website so you can browse the menu!

  • Groceries Generate Giving

    If you have a Kroger Plus Card, you can create a Kroger Community Rewards Account to have Kroger donate to Covenant an amount equal to a percentage of your shopping dollars every time you use your card.

    The link above will get you started. Use Covenant's Organization Code: 80067. For detailed registration instructions, CLICK HERE.

    If you don't carry your Plus Card, you may call 800-576-4377 to get its number.

  • Help Support Covenant While Protecting Your Family

    Thrivent Financial offers many financial products to protect your family and income including annuities, insurance, investment products, IRA's, and mutual funds. When you own one of these products, Thrivent gives you the opportunity to guide their charity donations with Thrivent Choice Dollars. For more information, contact your Thrivent agent or visit their website by clicking on the picture at left.

Other opportunities

We are always looking for new ways to connect to our community.  There will be special opportunities for supporting ministries throughout the year.