christian Education (Sunday school)

Caring for children is at the heart of Christian ministry and ministry at Covenant. When we help children grow - we grow. When we teach the faith to children - we come to believe more deeply ourselves. When we hear their faith coming back to us - we are blessed indeed.

Sunday School for children at Covenant begins when a child reaches 3 years of age. Every class has a team of well-trained teachers who love what they do and love the children in their care. Each class is led by a team of at least two. Sunday School at Covenant is a safe place for young children through high-schoolers to be fed and nurtured with a faith that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Ages 3-1st grade:  Godly Play

Godly Play is a Montessori-based method of Christian education and spiritual direction that encourages children to consider and reflect upon Bible stories, religious parables and lessons about religious traditions. It opens up the Bible and our Christian traditions for children in a way that allows them to explore and interact with our stories.

2nd - 5th Grade:  Upper Elementary Class

Various Biblical topics are covered in an interactive class, full of activities and crafts

Grades 6-12:  Confirmation

Confirmation is a Milestone offered for 6th-12th graders to affirm the promises of their Baptism. At the heart of the program the students will learn the basics of The Small Catechism, The Old Testament and The New Testament in a fun setting. There is no set age at which students are "confirmed" - it is a "work at your own pace" program.